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Ewens Gerard Abid

Acteur français d’origine algérienne, âge apparent 17 – 25 ans, formé en école d’art dramatique à Londres, parfaitement bilingue Français/Anglais.

Rep: Mary Liz Management (Mary Liz Management | Professional Talent Manager)

Presse Anglaise:

- “Ewens Abid knows exactly how to keep an audience entertained with just one look” Broadway Baby (Hair of the dog) *4 Stars*

- “The true warmth and intricacies of his personality shine through as he laughs and bounces off his audience. The show is proof to the astonishing feats that can be achieved by a one-man show.” The Spy In The Stalls (Belamour) *4 Stars*

- “Written and performed with exquisite depth of character and heartfelt emotion by Ewens Abid” The Review Chap (Belamour) *5 Stars*


Téléphone pro : +447749037998
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